VoIP Reviews – Axvoice

Firstly I would like to state we have not used Axvoice. We have read and understood their offering and also read reviews of organisations that have used Axvoice.

Why VoIP

Axvoice - Internet Phone Service | VoIP Phone Service ProviderQuality and cost, basically that’s all you need to know. VoIP uses data as it transmits a call. This is the same data that is used when using the internet, downloading a file or streaming a TV show.

Cost, well because you use data there are no call costs. However your data provider could enforce a cost on data used for VoIP, this depends on the plan you are on.

Other costs are going to be service costs from your provider for the service. Normally no more than you would pay for an internet connection per month.

Phones and Devices

Now there are so many devices that can be used for VoIP. Visit eBay and Amazon and you will be swamped for choice. However some phones offer more services than a simpler handset.

Make sure to check with your VoIP provider when choosing a phone as some might not be advanced enough.

About Axvoice

Axvoice are a US based company that offer VoIP services to US residential customers and business. They have a vast amount of plans that would suit any person or business.

They beat Verizon, Vonage and AT&T for price in every aspect. Average cost of Axvoice is $8.25 per month, that’s over $12 saving against the closest competitor. You can check the price match here: http://www.axvoice.com/why-us.html.

What if you are in the UK?

Well you won’t be able to use Axvoice, instead you can use a similar UK service. One company that provide a service to UK customers is Cloud Telephones, they provide a business VOIP service to UK customers.