Why VoIP is helping businesses save

Mar 9, 2016 |

Hosted VoIP helps business save money in many ways. Not all of them are immediately apparent. The first and most obvious is that it reduces bills. We know from our experience of working with partners and customers that it will typically save businesses as much as 40% off their previous bills.

This is achieved simply through the reduction in line rentals and call charges. Just a basic quick-fire calculation will show that you will save a significant amount on this basis alone. Instead of a significant monthly rental for multiple lines, and variable calls charges on top, you’ll have a single fixed cost for the subscription; all calls are routed over your broadband connection, so there are no extra charges to pay there. There will be hardly any additional costs as with hosted VoIP services most local and national calls fall within the monthly subscription, and international calls can be made at much lower cost than you’d pay with a normal telephony contract.

There are other ways you will save as well. You and your staff will be able to use your hosed VoIP service from any location where you can get an internet connection, even abroad, which means you won’t run up additional costs on mobile calls. And you can always be contacted on the same number, wherever you are.

Hosted VoIP services are also easier to set-up, so if you need to add new users, even on a temporary basis, it costs hardly anything. That’s really useful if you are working on different projects at different locations throughout the year – as is the ability to take your usual number with you wherever you go.

Businesses can also save money with hosted VoIP by getting more information on call activity. You can see who called in and who your team called, the duration of calls and call volumes, so you can make the best possible use of your resources and time.

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